Social Security
  • 7 Ways to Fix America’s Fiscal Mess

    Tackling the $22 trillion national debt can be done in very different ways. Underscoring that point, the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, a non-profit, non-partisan organization focused on increasing...

  • Social Security Error Jeopardizes Medicare Coverage For 250,000 Seniors

    By Susan Jaffe, Kaiser Health News

    At least a quarter of a million Medicare beneficiaries may receive bills for as many as five months of premiums they thought they already paid. But they shouldn’t toss the letter in the garbage. It’s...

  • A retired couple take in the ocean during a visit to the beach in La Jolla, California

    What Do Maine and Florida Have in Common? Lots of Social Security Recipients

    By Michael Rainey

    More than 17% of Maine residents received Social Security retiree benefits in 2018, Bloomberg’s Marie Patino reports , the highest proportion in the country. Other states with a high percentage of...

  • Dem Economists Push Back Against Debt Worries

    By Michael Rainey

    Just how worried should we be about the rapidly rising national debt? Last week we told you about a budget watchdog group’s effort to raise the alarm over “debt denialism” that has taken hold in some...

  • 3 New Plans to Fix Social Security

    By Michael Rainey

    According to the annual trustees’ report released Monday , the combined trust funds for Social Security, currently valued at $2.9 trillion, will be exhausted by 2035 (see the chart from CQ Roll Call...

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